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  • What Makes Basketball Shoes Different From Other Sports Shoes?

    09 September 2013

    Many people enjoy the sport of basketball, in fact it is becoming more popular all the time. As almost any person who is serious about a sport will tell you, the kind of footwear you use when playing a sport makes a big difference. It is important not only to choose the right quality of foot wear, but at the same time it is crucial to choose footwear that is appropriate to the specific sport.

    Because basketball is growing in popularity, someone who is becoming interested in improving their basketball game might well ask how basketball shoes differ from other sports shoes. This is an important question, and in fact basketball shoes do differ from other sports shoes in several important ways. They differ in weight, the structure, the mobility of the ankle, and the soles.

    A big difference between basketball shoes and other athletic shoes is in weight. Basically, basketball shoes are heavier than most other athletic shoes. This is because weight is not as important for basketball as it is for other sports, in particular running. In these other sports it is often worth paying a lot more and sacrificing other features to cut down on weight. But in basketball these other features are much more important than having a lighter shoe.

    Shoe Structure
     The structure of a basketball shoe is designed to allow the shoe to be moved in multiple directions, with a lot of power put into those movements. Thus basketball shoes are made out of sturdy materials like leather or vinyl. Other athletic shoes are designed to move in the same direction repeatedly, and thus the structure of the shoe emphasizes a light weight and stability.

    Mobility of Ankle
     Mobility of the ankle is an area where basketball shoes really differ from other athletic shoes. For many sports, particularly running, the movement is in one direction and there isn't a necessity for additional ankle stability. In basketball, ankle stability is extremely important and in fact basketball shoes are designed specifically to protect the ankle. You will see very few if any running shoes that are high, because this height adds weight without enhancing the running experience. In contrast, no serious basketball player will have footwear that is not high, because this height can save the ankle from serious injury.

    The way athletic shoes are constructed involves different layers. Most athletic shoes have a hard outer layer, and then a midsole which is composed of softer materials. This is where basketball shoes differ from other athletic shoes because they don't use the softer inner sole. This makes the basketball shoes more durable.

    As you can see, basketball shoes are quite different from other athletic shoes. The weight of basketball shoes is different from other athletic shoes. The shoe structure and mobility of the ankle differ between basketball shoes and other athletic shoes. And lastly, the soles of basketball shoes are not the same as the soles of other athletic shoes.

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