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  • New Features of Modern Treadmills

    07 July 2013

    So, you're looking for a treadmill? Naturally, a person wants a treadmill for exercise, but perhaps you want something more? Luckily, treadmills now go beyond the call of duty. They offer the convenience of space that those of the past didn't. In addition, many have the ability to track your goals and health battles. They offer ways to keep you entertained throughout, with their own little personal entertainment systems. 

    Compact Treadmills

    Treadmills are occasionally big, bulky, and seem to weigh more than the average truck. As technology has advanced, we've entered a new age of compact ability. Something like the Phoenix 98510 can fit into even the smallest children's closet. With that ease and storage ability, you can simply take it out whenever and place it wherever for a nice quick workout. Add in a nice water bottle holder and what was a boring Wednesday morning can become an exciting adventure in your one room apartment.

    Tracking Results

    The average person uses a treadmill to be fit. Sometimes, it helps to see results while we chase fitness, which many high scale treadmills offer now. With the recent onslaught of LED screens on nearly all devices, you can keep track of calories burned, time used, and heart rate pumping. Even better, you can keep records of those, and have a treadmill (such as the LifeSpan Tr 1200i) create a workout plan from there. Seeking results is the main reason people use treadmills, and a vast array of them offer the ability to send those results to your personal email. If someone wishes to go deeper, many treadmills include touchscreen apps tailored around how a person would want their time spent while burning the midnight oil.

    Speaking of apps, these little time distractions have become quite embedded in the modern day as entertainment pieces. Everyone has their days when they just dread the tread, so why not spark it up a bit? With a lot of workout apps already included, you can make your time working out a nice little game. Most current treadmills have docks for iPods and other devices, with some having built in speakers to spread the noise. This makes playing angry birds, Netflix, and even balancing your budget (if you can count that as entertainment) a breeze with jogging. If the runner is seeking some visual stimulation, the Ironman Legacy Treadmill has a small TV with an input for cable. Why not enjoy your favorite romantic comedy while grinding that mile?

    Long gone are the days when a person would walk into a gym, hop onto a treadmill, and only run. While that is still the main reason most should use it, the advancement in technology has taken that beyond the status quo. At the touch of your fingers is all the information you could need about yourself, and how to make yourself better. Boredom has disappeared, so long as anyone can be entertained while running. Once all that is done, you can easily stuff it right into your closet until the next time you need it. The current day treadmill is now more than just an exercise machine. Treadmills can now be the molding figure in the average person's lifestyle.

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