• Golf — Looking Good While Playing Badly

    11 March 2013

    So somebody, perhaps your significant other or your boss, wants you to play golf. This could be an awkward experience since you are new to the game. There are some golfing basics that you need to know, and not a single one of them has to do with golf itself. However, when you show up looking the part, you will feel more comfortable.


    Country clubs and even public courses often have very specific etiquette rules about equipment and apparel.



    In addition to clubs, you will need special golf shoes with soft spikes. These golf shoes cannot be worn inside the clubhouse, nor will you be allowed to wear sandals or track shoes on the course. If you choose dark golf shoes, you must wear dark socks, so unless you plan on owning two pairs of shoes or are comfortable wearing dark socks with shorts, you may wish to choose a light-colored golf shoe.


    In addition to special shoes, you will need a golf glove, which will be worn on your "lead hand." For right-handed players, this is your left hand. You may choose whether or not to wear the glove while putting. Most players keep it on, but some remove it.


    A hat and sunglasses is very important to vision; however, sunglasses alone are often insufficient in handling glare. Your hat choice is entirely personal, although tastefulness is always appreciated. Hats with golf logos, such as Callaway or Titleist, are popular.


    Finally, you will need some rain or wind golf gear for cool or inclement weather. Often tee times are in the early morning hours. As the day warms, you will probably wish to remove at least one layer of clothing. If you plan on carrying an umbrella in your bag, you will need a special golf umbrella that is lightning resistant.


    Golf Apparel

    For men, golf apparel is fairly standard. Ladies' golf apparel, however, is trickier. Therefore, ladies may need to check with the course professional to find out what is required. Neither sex may wear denim on the course.


    Men should always wear tucked-in, collared shirts. Tee shirts are never allowed. In the summer, shorts are acceptable. However, they must be dressy, golf shorts, and they must be worn with a belt. Shorts designed for other sports, such as running, tennis, or basketball, cannot be worn on the course. In cooler weather, golfers should wear comfortable khakis or dress pants.


    Ladies' golf apparel is more difficult to clearly define. Some courses allow shorts and "skorts" although inseam length minimums vary. Rules on collars and belts are also variable. It may be a good idea to stay safe by purchasing an ensemble made by a golf equipment company. This attire is available at big-box sports stores as well as at golf course pro shops.


    Your first golf outing will be a lot more relaxing if you show up looking the part. Golf is a fun game if you don't take yourself too seriously. So have a good time dressing up and enjoying a day of sunshine and fresh air. Perhaps you will decide that you would like some lessons before your next trip to the course. Before you know it, golf will be your idea of how to spend a fun day with friends.


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