• Football Gear Every Budding David Beckham Needs

    11 June 2013

    David Beckham had to start somewhere, and he certainly needed some essential equipment to get to where he is today. Although the legendary footballer recently retired, his world-famous football career was established on a few basic principles and some essential gear that every single footballer must own to truly excel. In an age of advanced equipment deisgned with cutting edge technology, the prices for football gear can go through the roof, but the basics don't have to be expensive.

    Shin Pads

    Shin pads are essential for an obvious reason - to prevent injury. Football is a very physical sport which involves lots of kicking around the lower-leg area. Shin pads prevent a lot of serious leg injuries that would otherwise incapacitate a player for weeks, even months. These pads come in two forms - hard and gel. Hard shin pads are usually made from plastic and strap around the leg with Velcro. Gel pads also use a sheet of plastic but with gel protection to absorb impact better. Either shin pad will protect against serious injuries, but for added comfort and reduced risk it is sometimes worthwhile to buy gel pads.


    A good pair of boots are essential. In fact, always spend as much as possible on boots because it's important that they're made to a high quality to ensure maximum comfort. Running around on the pitch can be physically demanding and if the boots aren't comfortable, this will impact how well the player can perform. It's not necessarily essential to spend a lot of money on football boots to get boots that one can play well in, but it is important to read reviews and do some research on which shoes offer the most comfort and flexibility.


    Small orange cones serve a great purpose in the world of football training. Using small cones to practice ball-control and dribbling skills is the best way to learn ball discipline. Planning out tactical moves is the easy part, executing them is the difficult part and is achieved through expert ball skills. The best players in the world make penetrating defenses look easy, but there are hundreds of hours of dribbling practice behind those moves. Every starting footballer needs cones to learn this basic but vital skill.


    Of course, gloves are only required if the position of the budding star is goalkeeper. Gloves to a goalkeeper, however, are the most important piece of gear and it's important to get a pair with good grip. Many goalkeeper gloves serve their purpose well but not all are 'slip-proof'. One simple slip of the ball can be the difference between win and a loss. Typically goalkeeper gloves are made from foam to absorb impact and to provide gripping ability. Some gloves are even ridged or 'studded' with foam for even better grip, but the amount of grip needed will vary from person to person.

    Football gear isn't just boots and gloves, however, it extends to a range of equipment including pumps, ball-bags, hydration stations, and more. However, the items listed above are an essential starting point for anybody looking to get everything they need to get on the right path to football stardom.

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