• Everything You Need to Start Your Own Cricket League

    15 June 2013

    Have you ever dreamed of starting your very own cricket league as a hobby? If you want to get started with forming your own cricket league, make sure you have these items. Once you have the necessary equipment, all you'll have to worry about is finding friends to play with.

    1) Cricket Clothes

    For cricket, you will want to wear clothes that fit loosely and do not restrict movement. Typically, cricket players wear a uniform called "cricket whites". This consists of a polo shirt (a T-shirt with a collar), white trousers, and a jumper (a pullover made of wool). A number of additional garments are worn to protect specific areas of the body from impact. A "box" (abdomen guard) will prevent injury to the crotch area, and should be worn with a jock strap. Spiked shoes will improve the tread of our shoes in the field. A sun hat ("cricket hat" or "soft hat") will protect the face and eyes from the sun.

    2) Protective Gear

    A number of protective garments are made for specific positions. Batsmen and fielders on strike should wear a helmet with a visor to protect their skulls. The batsmen, wicket-keeper and some fieldsmen should wear shin guards in order to protect the shin bone from impact-related injury. Batsmen, in particular, should wear guards for the thighs, arms, chest and elbows, in addition to gloves designed for batsmen. Wicket-keepers also have specific gloves which are webbed for improved accuracy when catching. Once you've purchased the necessary protective gear, it's time to stock up on equipment.

    3) Cricket Equipment

    Cricket equipment consists of four primary components: bat, ball, stump and bails. The bat has many customizable options. If you are an adult, you should always use a full-size bat. If you are a junior, use a sizing chart to determine the right bat size for you. You should purchase a bat the suits the plays you often make. For front foot shots, you should use a lower "sweet spot" (i.e. the area you will want to hit the ball). For cut shots, you will want to choose a bat with a thick blade. Purchase a bat that is thickest in the areas you hit most.

    According to official rules, cricket ball weights cannot vary much. A cricket ball must weigh between 155.9 and 163.0 grams. For this reason, many hobby players opt to play with a tennis ball that has been covered in tape. The colour of the ball is not important. You may wish to play with a colour other than white, which dirties very quickly and is, at times, difficult to see.

    The stumps are one of three components of the wicket. The stumps three metallic cylinders dug into the ground upon which two balls are placed. The width of each stump is 22.9cm, with a length of 71.1cm and with a minimum diameter of 3.49cm and a maximum diameter of 3.49cm. Ensure that your stumps fit these specifications.

    The last component you will need is two bails. The bails are two small sticks designed to connect the three stumps and hold the balls on top of the stumps. They consist of a regulated overall length of 10.95cm, barrel length of 5.40cm, and spigot lengths of 2.06cm and 3.49cm. You will want to purchase quite a few of these, as they are likely to break or be lost in the process of playing.

    With these components you will have everything you need to start your own cricket league in no time. So check with your local sporting goods store or website to stock up on all of the items you need. 

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